Hi I’m Dr. Moetaz Soubjaki a Motivational Speaker & Professional Coach specializes in Individual and Organizational Learning and Development.


My first aim in life is to empower you to achieve your personal and business goals faster and easier than you ever imagined. The most important thing in my life is to inspire people so that they can be great, amazing and better in whatever they want to do or fulfill. I addressed to more than 1000+ People in Seminars, Lectures, Training Courses and Videos Episodes and especially in the Middle East. My goal is to reach 20 K in 2020.

I hold a PhD in Strategy and Human Capital Management from Jinan University in Lebanon; I earned my MSc in Business Administration from Art, Science, and Technology University in Lebanon (AUL), also, I have a BA in Banking and Finance from Lebanese International University (LIU).

Experienced Human Resources Management Professional and team leader with excellent presentation and personal skills.  Passionate about business Planning and Strategy Management, who effortlessly integrates new ideas, concepts whilst demonstrating excellent business and management skills.            

A strong team player, leader and motivator who works well with others in the organization. A good listener and communicator who can relate to people at all levels. Energetic, determined and innovative individual.