Research Paper – The Challenges of Data Accuracy in Business Analytics that Affect Managers’ Decisions Making-Case Study of Saudi Arabia & Lebanon

Digitization of information has made data an important factor in organizational decision making. Modern organizations are increasingly turning to data to generate data-driven decisions due to various advantages of relying on, such as quick decision making and accuracy of analysis. However, when the data relied upon is inaccurate, the repercussions for the organization are usually adverse. Considering the nature of data to influence processes and decisions throughout the organizational structure, it can be deduced that data inaccuracy is a serious threat to the effectiveness and profitability of a business. The aim of this study was to explore the challenges of data accuracy in business analytics that affect managers’ decision making in organizations in Saudi Arabia and Lebanon. The study established that data accuracy is an important factor in the attainment of efficiency in an organization. The study identified some of the challenges associated with data inaccuracy in decision making as;wrong strategic decisions, waste of time and resources in data verification and reconciliation, and customer dissatisfaction.
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